Did Pregnancy Cause My Allergies?

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful journeys that a woman can experience in her lifetime. But this special journey also comes with ups and downs. One common challenge during this time is pregnancy allergy , which can cause anything from runny nose to itchy skin.1

Some women experience allergies for the first time during pregnancy, while others have known pre-existing allergies before pregnancy.2

Allergies during pregnancy3,4

General allergies can manifest as sneezing, rash on the skin, and even a runny nose. Such symptoms are also associated with pregnancy allergies that most women tend to experience during this period.

As estrogen and progesterone levels are higher in the body during pregnancy, blood flow increases and can sometimes cause the mucus membrane to swell. This, in turn, can lead to blocked and stuffy nose.

Along with nasal congestion, pregnancy allergies can cause other symptoms too. These include itchy eyes along with sneezing and respiratory congestion related to hormones.

Due to hormonal changes, the skin can get dry and compel you to scratch excessively. The changes inside the body during pregnancy can also cause a rash on the skin as pregnancy progresses.

What to do to avoid allergies during pregnancy?

Pregnancy allergy can cause some degree of restlessness. But fret not! It’s completely possible for you to have a healthy pregnancy even if you present with allergies. The following tips can help you embrace your pregnancy journey without allergies5,6.

  • Take a shower and change your clothes after returning home. Allergens such as pollen and dust tend to stick on hair and clothing.
  • Wear a protective filter mask when outdoors.
  • Use a humidifier at home. Moist air can help soothe dry, irritated nasal passageways
  • Refrain from smoking or inhaling second-hand smoke as it can aggravate your allergies
  • If you have a food allergy, avoid eating foods that can trigger your allergic reaction. Learn more about food allergies, possible triggers and treatment options here.

Treatment for pregnancy allergy

Amidst all the wonders of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can be faced with the difficult decision about the use of medication during pregnancy.

Drug-free solutions such as ClariCare® help to naturally clear noses from allergens and alleviate allergy symptoms. Naturally sourced from the bay of Saint Malo, France, ClariCare® is preservative-free, drug-free and safe to use daily when pregnant or breastfeeding. As an isotonic nasal spray, it also provides natural relief for your stuffy nose to restore healthy breathing.

No allergies, no worries!

The experience of pregnancy is one of life's greatest joys. And you can rest easy, mums, as there are various solutions to help you along this special journey with your little one. Also, your baby is unlikely to be affected by any flare-ups that you may experience as long as symptoms are managed properly.7 That assurance gives you the opportunity to truly cherish the many milestones that you will experience such as hearing your baby’s heartbeat, his/her first movements, and planning a baby shower - all without the worry of allergies getting in the way.